PoCo-Opolis 500

Here is Ruby and my science video in which we are doing an experiment using static electricity. At the end of the video you can see the experiment itself which was done in the form of a race! Enjoy.

Self Assessment: Core Competencies

Below I have attached my reflection in which we are talking about stressors in life. I spoke about family health, school and my expectations and how that relates to the Personal Awareness and Responsibility core competency....

Electricity Mind Map

What I Know… Download What I Wonder…  Are there more than two types of electricity (the two types being static and current)? If so what are they called and how do they operate? How was electricity discovered? Who discovered it? How has the way we use...

Corbeau Vole La Lumière

Ici est un enregistrement d’un partie de l’histoire “Corbeau Vole La Lumière”. J’espère que vous aimez!  

Everything I Know About Exponents

Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Exponents: 1) Represent repeated multiplication with exponents 2) Describe how powers represent repeated multiplications 3) Demonstrate the difference between the exponent and the base by building models of a given power, such as and ....