Halloween Costume 2017

As our Industrial Design project, we had to create a costume that we could wear for halloween this year. We started with brainstorming a long list of ideas and slowly narrowed it down to two. Maya and I were originally going to each be an eye ball and then together a pair of glasses. After some thought we decided on Slinky Dog from Toy Story. We created plans with measurements and materials needed. I was able to source the felt and Maya was in charge of all things from cotton balls to clips to glue and the wire that connects us. We were able to make the majority of the costume within 2 or 3 classes and finished the smaller details here and there when we had leftover class time. Today we wore our hair in matching pigtails and matching jeans and shoes. We are so happy with how the costume turned out and can only imagine what we may come up with next year for Halloween.



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