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Shadow Box

Above you can find a picture of my shadow box that I made in my Industrial Design class. Starting with five separate pieces of wood I made all of the measurements necessary before I cut the pieces to size. After I cut them, I was able to glue and then sand the box that I had created. As I waited for my box to dry, I sourced a piece of plastic from the shop and engraved the word “LOVE” on the bottom half of the plastic. The last few details were staining my box and simply sanding it a few more times. The picture that I chose is very special to me. Here I am sitting at a ball game with both of my grandpa’s- all of us having a great time. In a span of 3 months this year I lost both of them and life has been hard without them. This box stays on our kitchen counter and is always something I love seeing in the morning.

Halloween Costume 2017

As our Industrial Design project, we had to create a costume that we could wear for halloween this year. We started with brainstorming a long list of ideas and slowly narrowed it down to two. Maya and I were originally going to each be an eye ball and then together a pair of glasses. After some thought we decided on Slinky Dog from Toy Story. We created plans with measurements and materials needed. I was able to source the felt and Maya was in charge of all things from cotton balls to clips to glue and the wire that connects us. We were able to make the majority of the costume within 2 or 3 classes and finished the smaller details here and there when we had leftover class time. Today we wore our hair in matching pigtails and matching jeans and shoes. We are so happy with how the costume turned out and can only imagine what we may come up with next year for Halloween.



Climate Change Solutions

Above you can find a presentation about reducing your carbon footprint; specifically energy and water waste. This project is apart of a four week challenge and so far we have learned a lot about climate change and climate action. Please leave any questions or comments in a post down below and I would be happy to answer them. Thanks!

Projet Podcast: Les Révélations sur L’Intrigue

Description de Série : Bonjour et Attention. Nos podcasts sont strictement influencés des nouvelles courantes du monde célèbre avec les révélations sur l’intrigue. Chaque semaine nous annonçons nos théories, informations et croyances à propos les films, émissions de télé et bien sur les célèbres. Si vous n’êtes pas sur si vous voulez entendre ces révélations, on vous suggère de couvrir vos oreilles pendant les prochaines 8 minutes !



Émission 1 : Les émissions de télévisions

Description d’émission : Notre équipe de critiques vont partager les révélations sur l’intrigue des émissions Grey’s Anatomy, Riverdale et Pretty Little Liars. Selon eux, ces émissions de télé contiennent beaucoup des secrets et faits pertinents mais aussi quelques mystères pas résolues. Elles vont donner leurs opinions et sentiments des évènements plus courants comme les infos de qui a tiré le père d’Archie. Joignez-nous maintenant pour les découvrir.


Émission 2: Les Films

Description d’émission : Cette semaine notre équipe de critiques retournent avec un épisode spécial ! On va vous annoncer et parler à propos des évènements plus importants dans leur 2 premiers films, et des révélations sur l’intrigue de leur 3e film, qui vient en Décembre cette année. C’est le film d’a capella plus connu, c’est la série de film, Pitch Perfect. Est-ce que les Barden Bella’s continueront de chanter devant le monde, ou est-ce qu’elles auront une autre désastre mondiale?

Émission 3: Les Couples Célèbres

Description de cette émission : Joyeux Noël tout le monde ! Pour la dernière émission de l’année 2017, nous, les critiques ont choisi un sujet qui intéresse la plupart du peuple.  Nous avons parlé à propos de la vie des couples célèbres, nos préférés, Miley Cyrus avec Liam Hemsworth et Justin Bieber avec Selena Gomez. Cette émission vous offrez un aperçu des vies quotidiennes des célèbres. Nous espérons que vous trouviez les révélations des célèbres assez intéressants qu’on les a trouvés.

What Is Climate Change?


« What is climate change » is a very important question. In the video above you can find some answers to that question along with organizations that are already apart of the fight against climate change. Please leave any questions or comments in the comment section below and I would be happy to answer them. Thank you for watching and helping make this planet healthy again!

My Digital Footprint

My digital footprint video is a way for me to share information about safe media use with my peers and teachers. Answering the questions found in the video made me reflect on the both the positives and negative uses with social media. We need to always remember to try to build a strong digital footprint, not one that will hurt us down the road. If you have any questions or compliments about this video, please feel free to leave a comment down below. Thanks for watching!

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