Chemistry inquiry project



Define, Discover, Dream, Deliver, Debrief


When we started the project, we had some challenges like finding a topic that we might not be familiar with. We then decided to do cell phones, but it was too much work to do with not enough time. It is difficult to find a topic that is informative and interesting.


After we had picked a topic about cell phone radiation, we did some research on the internet. We then brainstormed some questions on this topic. We discussed and finally each of us came up with four questions.


When making the questions we got advice for the group and from friends and family and do more research. Finally, we made a plan with timeline to complete the project.


To present the project, we decided to make a poster because it was easier and more effective to put all the information together and with less technical problem on using software. Also, we can pass around the poster in class, so everyone can see it better.


I think the process of the project is pretty smooth because we finished it by the due date. However, if we got more time, our work could be more comprehensive.







Establish, Envision, Execute, Examine


At the first place it was hard to get a good topic that we were interested because each of us has different ideas.


After we picked the topic we decided twelve questions and then we draw four questions each, so it was fair. Then we did a time line to complete the work on time and we all agree to follow. As I have a colour printer at home I am responsible to print out the pictures. On the other hand, Camron had a poster board so we gave her all the printed work so she could glue them on. Therefore, we shared our own resources and workload.


As a group we need to help each other when we have problem and work together to complete the work. We all have to be responsible to our own part of work and listen to each other’s opinion.


I think that the collaboration for my group went really well because we all did our jobs. Besides I learned some knowledge about the cell phone radiation,  we all also learned from each other and how to work effectively as a group.

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  1. I appreciate your detailed look at the results of radiation emitted from phones and how it effects humans. I am glad you brought up the issue as it is definitely a hot topic. Some would say that the radiation from phones is minimal, others would agree with you on the dangers. As you compiled your research, did it cause you to consider making any changes to your phone use?

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