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this week I learn systems of linear equations and substation. if they intersect then they are solution. such as 1 solution :m1=/ m2, 2 solution m1=m2, coincident solution also is m1=m2.


this week I learn Equations lines, point slope from of a linear  function and general from of the equation. equations of lines is y=mx+b. m is slope and b is y-inter.


this week I learn Slope of line and Slope formula. I know what is rise and run RISE is Y and RUN  is X. slope formula is RISE/RUN = Y1-Y2/X1-X2. such as A(5,15), B(5,5) Slope is 15-5/5-5=10.the points (2,7),(0,5) and (-1,2) collinear. the points (5,5) and slope is 10. Y-5/X-5=1/-10


This week I learn function notation and  problem solving, this can make me know how to find f(X) and Y=f(X).


This week I learn Inequalities, Domain and Range. I learn how to use Domain and Range and write it down.  Know Domain is X-inter , Range is Y-inter.

Bald is Beautiful Questions (gachbaldisbeautiful)

Q1) She mean that the support of her family and the care of her friends were more important than her hair. Family and friends are the most important thing in our life, because hair can be regenerated without it, but friends and family can’t be lost anymore, So we have to cherish our family and friends.

Q2) According to my definition, the hero in this story is family and friends. Because she felt that she had no hair is very shameful, so before the hair came out , she didn’t want to go to school for fear of being laughed at people. But with the encouragement of her family she go to school. Before she went to school her friend was late to come, she thought her friend did not want to go to school with her is because she is no hair, so she did not have any confidence. Finally her friend came forward and gave her encouragement to regain her confidence. So the hero in the story is family and friends, without their encouragement and support may she lose confidence.


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