Core Competent Canadians

Questions to Answer

1- What did you know about the Core Competencies before this activity? What did you learn?

Before this activity, I didn’t know a lot about the core competencies. I knew some things like, the communication core competencies and the Critical thinking core competencies. I learnt quite a bit from this activity, about some of the core competencies. I learnt more about the Positive Personal and cultural identity cc and how it shines light on your personal strenghts and abilities. I learnt more about the Social Responsibility and Personal Awareness and Responsibility cc.

2- How can your knowledge of the core competencies help you in your school life? Peronal life?

The core competencies can help me in my school life as they can show me what i need to do to improve in that core competency. This can also help me in my personal life.


During this activity, I got to learn about some of the famous canadians and the reasons why they got famous. I was able to put them in a Core Competency section for what they did and what they achieved. This helped me understand the core competencies better.

Term One Reflection – Math

During this first term, I was able to become faster at multiplying and dividing in my head. I learnt new ways on multiplying a dividing polynomials. I was definitely was more organised posting all of my homework on OneNote. I learnt more about polynomials. Math was quite easy as I already learnt most of the stuff and I am also quite good at Math. I think I could study more for tests for the semester coming up. I studied a little but I dont think I studied enough. I still got really good marks on my tests but if I studied more I would have even better marks. I didn’t really struggle in any of the units, so that a plus.