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Diffusion in Agar Cubes Lab

Protein Synthesis Model

1. Initiation: mRNA binds to the small ribosome subunut, then the 2 ribosome subunits bind together. Elongation: Ribosome holds mRNA and allows complimentary tRNA to attach to binding sites. Then tRNA binds to the “P site”, another tRNA binds to… Continue Reading →

Charter of Rights and Freedoms – You Be The Judge

R. v. Morgentaler, Vriend v. Alberta, R. v. Keegstra R. v. Morgentaler, 1988 Before this court case, there was a law in the criminal code requiring women to attain certification before being allowed to have an abortion. The certification was… Continue Reading →

Creative Writing Project : Unidentified Objects


Canadian Government

World War 2 Timeline

Science 9 Meiosos Analogy

meiosis project done by Nyssa and Kaylin

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