This weekend I went to downtown vancouver for a mini vacation, while my little brother went to a weekend camp near Cultus Lake. My older brother, mother and I, went to a nice hotel and had dinner at the old spaghetti factory, then rented hidden figures to watch in the hotel. We left the next morning and picked up my little brother from his camp.  My mother dropped me and my other brother, David, at the movie theatre in coquitlam, and we watched John Wick 2. John Wick two was very dissapointing. It was completely unrealistic, the acting was horrible, and the only weapons really used were guns. The stunts were also awful and even though the main character, played by Keanu Reeves, was hit by a car and thrown across a garage, he just got up and continued shooting.  After the movie, it was late at night and my mother just picked us up and we went to sleep when we got home. That was my weekend.

Bright lights, new sights, a whole big city to see.

Hotel windows and hidden figures are all for me.

Three out of four with one far away,

Watching a movie that was filmed in may.

Bad stunts and fake guns,

Bad acting and bad puns.

Darkness falls and people leave,

Time to sleep and tomorrow awaits .