March 6

Week 5 — Math10

The most difficult things I learnt from this week is the “Conversion of Units within the International System of Units (SI)” There are lots of units like feet, inch, yard, etc. I did not learn before. These units always make me confused, and I am a little bit worrying about my next week test.

There is a very difficult question I found in this week. At last, I got it, so it is my Ah-ha moment.

The question is: Convert the following to the indicated measurements using unit analysis.


When I saw this question I was speechless because I have no idea! But later, I studies the example, and I got a method to solve this question. 20160306_021139

Here is my method. Just convert each part of the indicated measurement. And then, just divide 120×10^3mm by 60min, so the answer is 2×10^3mm/min.