June 14

Week 17 — Math10

This week we learned two ways to solving systems of Linear Equations, they are

  • Substitution
  • Elimination


(an algebraic method of finding solution for systems by substituting one equation into the other)

Step: 1. Choose the simpler equation and express one variable in terms of the other.

2. Substitute the expression from step 1 into the other equation.

3. Solve the single variable equation.

4. Substitute the solution from step 3 into the equation in step 1 to find the variable.



Steps : 1. If necessary, multiply each equation by a constant to obtain coefficients for x (or y) that are identical (except perhaps for the sigh.)

2. Add or subtract the two equations to eliminate one of the variables.

3. Solve the resulting equation to determine the value of one of the variables.

4. Substitute the solution into either of the original equations to determine the value of the other variable.