February 21

Compound Discovery Assignment

My element is Ge (germanium)

I researched 2 compounds, they are Germanium dioxide (GeO2), and Germane (GeH4).



  • Germane atomic structure: It is the simplest germanium hydride and one of the most useful compounds of germanium. Like the related compounds silane and methane, germane is tetrahedral. In the room temperature it is poisonous, flammable, corrosive and colorless gas. It burns in air to produce GeO2 and water. It is a very dangerous compound.
  • Germanium dioxide atomic structure: White powder or colorless crystals of tetragonal, hexagonal or amorphous form. Insoluble in water, do not react with water. Gender-based oxide is acidic. Can be dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric acid generated germanium tetrachloride, also be dissolved in a strong alkaline solution to form germanate.

Discovery: Germane has been detected in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

Common uses: Germanium dioxide used in the electronics industry. As a semiconductor material. It is widely used in the production of germanium dioxide purity metal germanium, germanium compounds, chemical catalysts and pharmaceutical industry, PET resin, electronic devices, etc.

Germane usually by chemical reduction, electrochemical reaction, plasma synthesis synthesized, in the semiconductor industry have important uses. It can use for the production of high purity germanium, for solar cells, for the preparation of two heterojunction bipolar transistor. 

Interesting or unique fact about these compounds:

  • Germanium dioxide: Germanium, chemically stable at room temperature with no air or water vapor effect, but in 600 ~ 700 ℃, the soon to generate germanium dioxide. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid do not react with it.
  • Germane: Germane spontaneous combustion in air. GeH 4 can be mixed with air instead of chemical changes, temperature was raised to 160 ℃ -183 ℃ gradually oxidized (at low pressure was raised to 320 ℃ need to react).

I like Germane best, because I think it is more dangerous make the experiment more exciting. And the name has m0re challenges to remember.