October 31

About my book—Night by Elie Wiesel

The book “Night” by Elie Wiesel. Generally, this book is taking about the author himself during the WWII, in the concentration camp. All the  unforgettable memories during that time period. The story start at when he was still an innocent Jewish teenager, happily lived with his family. However, when the war began, it ruined his life and all the Jewish people’s. They were forced out of their homes, and had to take everything they can bring, then get on the train to the concentration camp unwillingly. That was just the beginning of his nightmare. The  condition in the concentration camp is more terrible than he thought. Nazi officers separated the femal and male. Hence, the main character, Elie had to take the responsibility for taking care of himself and his father too. They had a huge amount of work to do everyday, but only get few rotation of bread and soap. Nazi officers treated them inhumanly. They beat Jewish people whenever they want, sometimes just for fun. Some even worse, many Jewish people’s lives ended up with ashes. Also, if the people got sick, or they were considered as too weak to work, that means death. Elie saw many deaths in the concentration camp, he grew stronger mentally. Unfortunately, his father did not survive at the end because of illness.

I like this book, because this is a value of history. Although there are lots of miserable facts happened in this book, however sometimes write these out directly is more powerful. It can easily give readers a sense of how terrible in the concentration camp, and how the wars effects people, especially when a huge group of people suffered just because one person’s ridiculous theory. It is a warning to the people, peace should be the human goal.