January 16

Bard in the classroom Reflection

Last week we had “Bard on the Beach” came to our English class, and we did a lot activities. I like about the presentation is they taught us in an absorbing way, not only we sit at our desks and they talk, they tried to teach us things during these activities. It is a good experience to have. The thing that I did not like about is the activities are too many, so at the end it is became a little bit boring, and some activities are kind of repeating the same things we did in another activity. Another thing is they just kept doing a lot of activities from the beginning, even we did not know them or they know us much, at least make me a little bit unprepared. I do not know much about Shakespeare play, and did not act any play before, so it is kind of rush to me. But I still learned something from the presentation. I learned more about Shakespeare play, especially the play “Much Ado About Nothing”, I know more about the language that Shakespeare used, and how to express the emotion that characters in a play. I think some activities help me better understand Shakespeare. My favorite activity is the picture shows below, I think that is funny to do, and also to see what other people do. There are four genres of plays that Shakespeare had. The genre of play of “Much Ado About Nothing” is Comedy. The title of “Much Ado About Nothing”  actually means “A lot of fretting about gossip”.

[This picture shows one of the activity that we did on the first day, this activity is about how to insult people in two different ways. Everyone had a piece of paper, and some words of Shakespeare play “Much Ado About Nothing” on the paper. At first, each person need to read these words in a very impolite way, try to angry your partner, but at the second time, we had to try to read these words like your partner is your best, use a very kind way to read. In the picture, I was doing this activity with my partner, I think this is an interesting activity to do, and it is a good activity to learn how to be an actor or actress.]

January 9

Non-Fiction Advertising Analysis

This is an advertisement of Coke Cola Company, released in 2015. The coke is being sold in the ad. There is not intended audience, the purpose of this ad is selling to everyone and hope people could share with others. Only red and white color in this ad, this is the major and unique color for Coke Cola, make audience distinguish it quickly. Obviously, audiences could see these two white hands first, and the wave of the arms is also a notable feature, usually the letters on the Coke Cola bottles use this type of front. Second, there is an interesting point in the ad, if you look carefully, you could see there is a Coke Cola bottle between two hands, it wants to show audience to share, share with other people around you. This idea is creative, and only this picture in the ad, it make the two hands and coke bottle become the focus point, attract to audiences. This ad appeals to pathos, because this ad is trying to tell people that Coke-Cola’s gist is “share”, share with your family, share with your friends. This part is about emotions, so this ad appeals to pathos. This ad utilized plain folks and bandwagon advertising persuasive techniques. This ad shows the Coke Cola is fit for everyone, and the theme of this ad–share, kind of telling audiences that to join the crowd. This ad wants to say Coke Cola make you feel happy, then you should share this joy with your family, friends, etc.

November 25

Information Fluency

Ways to check for reliable webpage: The dates of the page, who create the page, what information on the page.

How to get on to the library database: Library page logon use your school logon: 132-first.initial.last.name and your school password.  Ebsco logon: riversiderapids  PW:library

Works Cited: http://www.citationmachine.net

Session Reflection: I learned how to use library database to find books that I need, I knew how to identify whether the website is fake or real, I think it is a good experience for us.

November 22

Holocaust Memoir

“Please! Please…… Don’t…… send us to the camp…….” Sun is so shiny, but to me, it is end of the world. Tears drenched the floor, my sound was hoarse. The boy in front of us was loved me so much before, I could not believe that was only a beautiful dream, and now it is time to wake up. Nazis burst in our hiding place. “MOVE! FAST!” Nazis shouted to us. He is one of them. His handsome face has no more sweet smile, no more amphibolous words come out of his charming lips. I was dreaming he would not become so merciless till the last second, at least to me, his engaged wife, until he pushed me down and robbed my belongings. What a hopeful life we have before, at that time I was a shy girl lay on his legs, we were planning our future, not like this scene. We will get married, have our own lovely house and children. I thought the life will become wonderful until one day he joined the army, and now he occurred in this way. I realized maybe we should not love each other from the beginning. The first time, I really tasted the sour. It was not good, maybe it was really bad. I lost my mind for a minute. I was speechless, I was shocked. The rifle pointed me, seemed like if I sit on the floor one more second he will shoot me without any hesitation. No more love left between him and me, only a Nazi and a poor Jewish girl. Then I began my life in horrible concentration camp. I told myself I have to be alive, I must remember today, the man I loved who caught me to the hopeless cage. The life in the concentration camp amazed me, it was hell, the life only could become worse and worse. At the beginning, I felt exhausted and starving everyday, time passed, I became an emotionless machine, I could not feel, endless terrible life routined, repeat the nightmare. The people around me will disappear one day, no one want to know what really happened to them, because we knew that is horrific. I did not want to admit the news—my mom died. That was also a summer day, my old mother could not bear the heavy works everyday, she was faint, I ran to her immediately, wanted to wake her up. Unfortunately, the nasty boy appeared again, he did an inexcusable thing — he shot my mom in front of me, body died in my arm. How could he? I did not noticed he rise his rifle. Blood covered my face, my mouth opened widely in shocking. They tried to take my mother’s body away, I used all my strength, tried to get rid of them. Of course, they won. I yelled out every single words that I can come up to cursed him, the died monster. I hate you, I want you go to hell. I attempted suicide, but I swear, I will use the rest of life to curse him. I am lucky, I have to say. I was liberated from the “murder” cage. Even the God helped me alive. The period of time in that blood cage was difficult to recall, I have nightmare every day, I was afraid to go to sleep for a long time. The screaming, the shooting, inhuman behavior, the smoke rises to the sky, cover the sunshine, dark clouds, death is coming to us, desperate around us. Several years passed, the “dark hole” in my heart cured, only a maroon scar replaced, however, it still hurt me. I started not believing true love since that time. I even could not believe I am writing down those terrible memories on my journal. Maybe it is time to release the suffering, only the people experienced the war knew how horrible the war is. Hope the Holocaust never happen again.


The paragraph above talks about a Jewish girl lived in Germany and fell in love a German. When the WWII started, the girl was forced to separated from the German boy, and the boy became a solider. The girl and her family had to run away, find places to hide. But one day, Nazis found them, they brought them to concentration camp, and the girl found out the leader is the German boy. The girl could not believe, she begged him to let her and her family go secretly, however, the boy is not the same boy as before, he is ruthless, merciless, even kill the girls’s old mother in front of her face. This is a memory of this girl during WWII.



Source: https://www.google.ca/search?q=Jewish+girl+during+ww2&client=safari&channel=iphone_bm&biw=1440&bih=729&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjKno_5rrvQAhVS3mMKHUxSC_wQsAQIGg#imgrc=ua52xNU55r397M%3A

November 10

We Remember – Liberation Poem

Explanation: I wrote the following poem based on my interpretation of the journal entry by Charles V. Ferree, this is about his experiences from liberating the Concentration Camps, he saw many unimaginable scenes shocked him. I extracted verbs, nones, and adjectives, to help me to write the poem. His story helps me to understand the war, understand there were many people contributed their lives to fight for our freedom.


(This is a picture of WWII Liberation, and many died body on the ground.)

Died bodies all around me,
Like a hill trapped me,
Unknown count, nauseating smell
The Sporadic gunfire,
Reminded me the tragedy, still there
Finally, liberation came,
Crazed inmates used their last strength
To “Fight Back”
The memories of Concentration Camps are cruel
Burned my uniform,
That was the only thing I could do,
Get rid of the terrible scene from my dream
There is no end,
But, there must be a lesson here someplace.
I wish I could find it.

Source: https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/gallery.php?ModuleId=10006237&MediaType=ph

November 7

“The Cage” Timeline Project

1.The First Nazi concentration camp opened in Dachau – March 22, 1933

History: In 1933, March 22, the first Nazi concentration camp opened in Dachau. Nazi caught Jewish people in the concentration camp, force them to do many hard work everyday, and did not provide enough food, enough clothes, trade them like slaves. There was a very hard situation to live. Mostly, people died of starvation and diseases, and some were died from shooting by Nazi, even buried alive. During the first year, the camp held about 4,800 prisoners. The Dachau camp was a training center for SS concentration camp guards. The camp’s organization and routine became the model for all Nazi concentration camps. After The Nuremberg Laws occurred, more concentration camps were built and more Jewish people were caught.


(This picture shows the first concentration camp)

Source: http://www.holocaustresearchproject.org/othercamps/dachau.html

Application: The “concentration camps” appeared throughout the novel, The Cage, Riva’s mother was caught by Nazi, and sent to the concentration camps, Riva’s neighbors, friends, her families, even herself were sent to the terrible concentration camps. All the people she loved were separated from her, it was a really hard time, she had to try her best to be alive in the merciless conditions. A poor young girl was force to do lots of labor, treated as an animal, no more pride left. This quote is evidence of  conflict in the novel, the person vs society, it is a external conflict. At that time, Riva had no choice, no power to fight back,  sometimes people is so small in front of the society.

2. Nazis stage boycott of Jewish shops and businesses – April 1, 1933

History: Although, some German Jews lived in German, they considered German as their hometown, the Nazi still thought that is not enough, so On April 1, 1933, the Nazis carried out the first nationwide, planned action against Jews: a boycott targeting Jewish businesses and professionals. Although the national boycott operation, organized by local Nazi party chiefs, lasted only one day and was ignored by many individual Germans who continued to shop in Jewish-owned stores, it marked the beginning of a nationwide campaign by the Nazi party against the entire German Jewish population.


(Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels incites the crowd in the Berlin to boycott Jewish-owned businesses)


Application: In the novel “The Cage”, the Jewish people lived in Poland were not as lucky as German Jews. The Jewish shops and businesses boycott real existed, thousands Jewish people lost their jobs, they could not get enough food, people started dying. Nazis even took over the shops and businesses, turned all Jewish people as labor, made Jewish people work for them. Riva’s father also lost his job, but Riva and mother still had jobs, little food for whole family.

3. Burning of books – May 10, 1933

History: To Nazi, burning books was a necessary way to do, because many books in Poland talk about history of Poland and German,  they thought these books were threat to Hitlerism. German student associations gathered these “Un-German” books, and burned all of them, it was held in May 10, 1933.  This action attacked “Jewish intellectualism,” asserted the need to “purify” the German language and literature, and demanded that universities be centers of German nationalism. The students described the “action” as a response to a worldwide Jewish “smear campaign” against Germany and an affirmation of traditional German values.


(German students from universities gather in many cities to burn books with “unGerman” ideas.)

Source: http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/holocaust/h-bookburn.htm

Application: In the novel, it also talks about the terrible action. There was no more school, every education was prohibited, so children in that novel created a secret study group, and later in the book, Riva and her two brothers risked their lives, moved the secret “library” in their house. They knew what will happen if Nazi or police found these books, but they still took the responsibilities, this shows these three children are very brave. This also reflect how unbelievable situation they had, although they lived in that situation, they still had strong spirit, they are heroes.

4. Nazis prohibit Jews from owning land – September 29, 1933

History: From September 29,1933, Nazis prohibit Jews from owning land.


(This is picture shows the Nazis were forcing these Jewish people to leave their homes.)

Source: Nazi prohibited Jews owning lands

Application: This appeared in the novel, one day, the policemen came to the Riva’s house and told Riva to packup, because her house was going to be turned into wood for heating. Everyday, some people were compelled to leave, their homes were no longer theirs, even when you came back safely like at the end of the novel Riva did, the house became other’s, all of your things and memories were disappeared. This part is denouement of the novel.

5. Nuremberg Laws – September 15, 1935

History:  The Nuremberg Laws was introduced in September 15, 1935. It was a big change, because of the law, more Jewish people were sent to the concentration camps, more innocent people were killed, more families were separated. This laws talks about how to defined a Jewish people, to keep the purity of German blood. If you have more German ancestors, you will be safer, and the German became the most powerful people in Poland. They robbed Jewish houses, everything Jewish have.


(This chart talks about how the Germany identify the person is Jews or German)

Source: http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/holocaust/h-nurem-laws.htm

Application: In the novel, The Cage, the boy called Harry, he was Riva’s previous neighbor, his family was so close to Riva’s family, even some kids were beating him, Riva stood front him to protect him. But he is a dynamic character, when the Nuremberg Laws announced, he “became” German, he joined the Hitler Youth, and robbed all things that could provide heat for Riva’s family. Also, many people at that time were all trying to find more clues to provide they are German, people all want to keep themselves safe.

6. Yellow Stars required to be worn by Polish Jews over age 10 – November 23, 1936

History:  The Yellow Star is a symbol which represents the people is a Jewish people, the Yellow Stars is a way to identify a Jewish people. After the Nuremberg Laws announced, the Yellow stars were required to be worn by Jewish people. he star, which represented the star of David, was outlined in thick, black lines and the word ‘Jew’ was printed in mock-Hebraic type, even Jewish shops were also marked with a Yellow Star. The policy also made it easier to identify Jews for deportation to camps. If Nazi found   a Jewish people did not were the Yellow Star, they will punish the person, sent the person to the concentration camps, even killed the person.


(In the picture, these two people are Jewish, so they were forced to wear the yellow star to show they are Jewish.)

Source: https://www.google.ca/search?q=yellow+star+jewish&client=safari&channel=iphone_bm&biw=1440&bih=839&tbm=isch&imgil=ObRqJb8yF8v6aM%253A%253B4vFP-AVsKlyDOM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.bl.uk%25252Flearning%25252Fhistcitizen%25252Fvoices%25252Finfo%25252Fyellowstar%25252Ftheyellowstar.html&source=iu&pf=m&fir=ObRqJb8yF8v6aM%253A%252C4vFP-AVsKlyDOM%252C_&usg=__sCkd4RtlyaB4tg_31LRd6wPWx-c%3D&ved=0ahUKEwiv6L_wxorQAhUP6WMKHXosBK4QyjcIQQ&ei=ixwaWO_2H4_SjwP62JDwCg#imgdii=ObRqJb8yF8v6aM%3A%3BObRqJb8yF8v6aM%3A%3BQrrT7lcmDSrKWM%3A&imgrc=ObRqJb8yF8v6aM%3A

Application: At very early of the novel, The Cage, Riva is a 13 years old girl, so she wore a yellow star, and she was almost sent to the concentration camps, luckily, Nazi only caught man to the concentration camps at first. It is a discrimination. This is in the rising action of the novel, Yellow stars just a beginning.

October 27

The Ghettos Portrayed in “The Cage”


After reading the introductory chapters of “The Cage” written by Ruth Minsky Sender, I now have a better understanding of the struggles the Jews would have felt by living in Poland. In 1940, all Jewish people were “herded together inside a barbed-wire cage”. People were forced to lost their jobs, they did not have food, children did not have schools to go, even diseases started spread through all city. That was a desperate Cage.  Nazis took away people, separated families, and killed people at anytime, anyplace, only because they were Jewish people. Fear, helpless, angry, sadness, these were Jewish people had to face everyday. Houses were robbed by Nazis, the last things Jewish people could rely on were taken away. Selfish, violent, ruthless, these were Nazis done. When children lost their schools, they create secret study groups, so that they could teach each other; When people sick, they even did not have doctors to see, no medicines to cure, even doctors wanted to help, they could only have pity. Many children lost their parents, many sick people were taken away by Nazis. Every day their lives got harder and harder, the poor people did not have chance to fight back, that was a period of life which was full of darkness. It was a scar in every survivors’ hearts, it was a nightmare they never forgot.


September 27

2081 Charter of Rights and Freedoms


                                                                 2081 Charter of Rights and Freedoms

In the story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, there are numerous of tragic things that happened in this story, the most significant must be Harrison Bergeron’s parents could not remember their son, even when their son died on the television, they could only forget that sad thing like they did a lot before. Based on the story, the charter highlights some new amendments. From the story, people has the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression must be the most important thing, because the leader always wants to put restrictions on citizens in order to maintain order. It seems like the leader of Handicap General wants to help everyone to be equal, but actually, her only thought is to control all the people, and compel them do not have abilities to revolt the government, to against the power which let them handicap. This autocratic decision really leads to a decline of society and the city or a country fills with tragedies. In this world, personal uniques help the society progress, so it needs everyone to show their own features, not only how they look like, but also their individual opinions. So in that way, in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms 2081, one of them is talking about people can write down any of their opinions to government anytime. To prevent if the leader is a autocrat, the one thing the charter must have is citizens have right to vote for the leaders, members of the House of Common every year, and citizens have right to report any devious behaviors. The story said Harrison was taken away by H-G men, this also points out one serious problem that everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. That rule is also in the charter. In conclusion, the author used ironies, describe the sorrowful things happened in an unfortunate family. The terrible reality taught people who live in today’s society many lessons, let people think in deep, in variety ways, make everyone to do a little self-examinations, and this charter is an idea how to make the rights and freedoms better.