May 2

EAL-Skills–My Poem

 The Lovely Killer

A beautiful girl passed by me

My heart smelled her sweet fragrance

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

I was too excited to sleep that night

Where are you?

How to find you?

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

God must hear me

The golden sun shining on your graceful smile and long hair

That same sweet fragrance when we first met

The magic scent stuck in my nose

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

I won’t let you run away

You will stay with me forever,

I promise

My best work—you

What a exciting thing

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

When I found you

In a cute house, only you

Dark like a knife, sculpted in an excellent outline

Just like I wanted

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

There is a fire in my chest

A cat and mouse game

The scream of terror

One part, two parts……

The smell and the feeling

The fragrance becoming stronger and stronger

I said to her:

“Look my beauty, you are mine”

She was a beautiful princess

Wearing exquisite dress and a shiny crown

Nailed to the wall


This poem is free verse, because I think this type must much easier. I like reading horror novels and watching horror movies, so this horror poem, just for fun. I heard there were some terrible murder cases happened, and the victims were the girls, so I want to write a poem about it. This poem doesn’t have the theme, just wants to warn all the ladies don’t easily trust stranger, he might be a lovely killer. I do not use rhyme because I forget it. I used Repetition, Imagery, Metaphor and Personification. In my poem, “my heart smelled the fragrance,” this is personification; Every ends of paragraph have “I told myself: I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty.” this is repetition; At the last, “There is a fire in my chest, a cat and mouse game” this is Metaphor, the cat stands for the killer and the mouse represents the beautiful girl.

April 25

EAL — Poem (ballad)


This poem was written in response to the 1963  bombing at the 16th street baptist Church in Birmingham. The poem was set to music by Jerry, Moore in 1973.

I really moved by it. This ballad did not use any complex vocabularies. It is easy and short, but very powerful. It shows how the mother loves her child/children and how terrible the violence is, we need to try our best to prevent these horrible things happen and help, understand and care about the family members of victims,

April 3

The tiger or lady story Ending.

  • (1 version)By the end of “The Lady or The Tiger”, it is very clear that the tiger will come out of the right door because the princess is quite a savage, miserable and cold cruel woman.   The princess is not that jealous because every women in the world has this trait. Since she is a little jealous, we know that the princess loved the slave and cared about him. However, she still choses the door which has the tiger behind the door because she is a cold and cruel woman. Although people have this trait to protect their own things, this is not a bad thing, just way too extreme in this case. First, she is quite savage. One reason is because she lived in a crazy kingdom that has a wild, mad king who imagined and committed violent activities, commanding and discussing things only by himself. Since the king is her father he must have influenced her a lot. Another reason is that she is a princess, so she is more powerful and wealthy than anyone in the kingdom. Everyone needs to listen to her command and praise her. Everyone is afraid of her, so she became wilder and wilder. Second, she is miserable. Although she is a princess and her father loved her so much, she lived in a horrible kingdom and her father taught her many bad things. She had no choice to do anything, just like she could not choose her husband and could not have a lover and live happily with him forever. The worst thing that was she had to kill her lover by herself. She is crazy too because she just saw her lover and the beautiful lady meet, but could not confirm if they talked to each other or even loved each other. She also has a violent imagination just like her father, and it shows that the love between the princess and the slave is not true love. Otherwise, she would have trusted her lover. Since the princess was savage, miserable, cold cruel, and she realized that she did not love the slave as much as she thought, so she chose the door that had the tiger behind it.
  • (2 version)By the end of “The Lady or The Tiger”, it is very clear that the tiger will come out of the right door because the slave is brave, stupid, and not good at guessing a girl’s heart. I must admit that he is handsome enough. Otherwise, the princess would not love him.

He never had much sense, that’s why he only can be a low slave, a poor slave. He must know that loving the princess is guilty, but he still did it, so he is brave. Second, he is stupid because in the ultimate moment of his life, he still trusted the princess so much that he ran directly and firmly to the door that the princess gave him, he even did not use his own mind to think of the question. He is a extremely silly guy. However, this also shows that he loved the princess very much and deeply in heart. Lastly, he is not good at guessing a girl’s heart, which means he needs to talk to other girls carefully. Otherwise, the princess would not doubt he did not love her anymore and love the beauty. He is so naive, and that let him die.

Since the slave was brave, stupid, and naive, so the tiger will come out of the right door.

March 4

The Character Sketch — The Stolen Letter

————- The Detective ‘Dupin’ —————-

In “The Stolen Letter,” Dupin is the famous detective in Paris who is able to solve the mystery in the story because he is a cautious, skilled, and intelligent detective. Firstly, even though the chief is an expert investigator, he needs Dupin’s help.  The chief states, “I need your assistance. You are an expert in these investigations. You have done this many times before.”  This shows that Dupin is a skilled and intelligent detective. He can resolve lots of difficult cases because he is an experienced and believable detective. He also infers that the Minister is a very smart and dangerous man from the chief’s description. This shows he is very intelligent. Dupin asked a number of questions but only told the chief to check the house again because he had a better idea of how to solve the mystery. During that one month, he got the letter which shows that he is clever. First, he wore a pair of dark glasses to enable himself to look carefully around the minister’s office without him noticing. When he found the letter, he just left while thinking about a good idea to “steal” the stolen letter back. His reason to return to the minister’s house was to get back the glove he left there on purpose. Dupin also paid someone to district the minister so he could switch the letter. Not only does this show how clever Dupin is, it also shows that he is a cautious man because he planned a perfect plan to get the letter without the minister noticing. He knew he could not get that letter under the Minister’s nose, because he is a really dangerous man. Dupin carefully his skills to successfully solve the mystery of the stolen letter.

February 22

Comparing — The story you like best

                                                      Which story is better.

I think the second story is better, because the second story has more details.

In the second story the wolf is the main character. He wanted to borrow a cup of sugar to make a birthday cake for his dear old granny, and this is a great reason. From this, we can figure out that he is a good man, and the story of his side is a novel idea. So he went to the first pig’s straw house. Unfortunately, the wolf got a cold and he would sneeze. That’s why when he knocked on the door, the straw made his nose itch, so he huffed and snuffed and made the house fall down. The unexpected thing is the poor little pig died, and he thought it seemed like a shame to leave a perfectly good ham dinner in the straw, so he ate it up. So all of these are accidental. It is very different from the first story. In the first story the wolf wanted to eat the three little pigs from the beginning, and the wolf was a really bad wolf in the first story.  After that, he went to the next house. It is a stick house built by the first pig’s brother. The wolf knocked on the door but the pig was so rude, and then another sneeze came, so the second house fell down and the pig died too. Of course, the wolf ate it too. However, he still did not get a cup of sugar, so he went to the third pig’s house. This pig is the smartest pig in the pig’s family, so he built a brick house, but he was so impolite and insulted the wolf’s dear granny, so the wolf was very angry and crazy. He began to huff and snuff, wanted to break the house, but it did not work any more. And then, the cops came and arrested the wolf. Later, the news reporters wrote that he is a big bad wolf that will huff and snuff and blow your house down. However, we could figure out the wolf is innocent from the second story.

February 11

My story — Nothing is Impossible



Nothing is Impossible

It was a sunny day, but it was quiet cold outside. Mr. Beens was driving his 8 year old truck down the road. The truck was blue and worn. This was the way to his selfish and verjuice aunt’s home. Actually, he did not really want to go there, because there was a large and  aggressive dog that made him quiet scared. But almost New Year, Mr.Beans wanted to visit the lonely elder madam. If he could help her, that must be great. Suddenly, there was a big sudden turn that made Mr.Beans unprepared, so the car was out of control and flying on the tree! “Oh, *!” said Mr.Beans. Luckily, he was not hurt, just had some problems to get down the tree and maybe need to walk to the aunt’s home.

The truck uses it’s action to tell us, Nothing is impossible! Every time, you just do it, work hard, and try you best, and then you will get successful!

February 10

The Story — His Terrible Nightmare



His Terrible Nightmare

Tom was a cute puffer who lived deep in the sea.  Even though Tom was quite fat, he was the fastest puffer fish around.  He had small eyes and was covered in spikes. He was happy every day.  He loved to eat all different types of little fish from the sea.  He thought they were all very delicious. Tom also had so many friends. They liked to swim through the corals and liked to play hide-and-seek. Tom had a very wonderful and unique skill.  He could become a gigantic poisonous ball. His friends all liked his unique skill and he was very happy with that.

One day, Tom was playing hide-and-seek with his friends and he hid behind a huge black coral. Suddenly, he saw a strange net under him and then it went up very fast. And a moment later, he fell in the water. The next thing,Tom found out who was inside of a huge and old strange place.  He felt so scared that made him could not breath freely. And he thought he lost the way back home. He could not imagine the future life in the strange place. Soon, there was something coming towards him, he began to shaking. Finally, he found out the something is a little cute and beautiful jellyfish. “ Hi, I am Helen! What’s your name?” Of course, she became his friend, the best friend. During the 3 years, he adapted to the situation, that every day someone threw the foods to them and he need to show his unique skill to the people. But Tom enjoyed that. Three years later, he left that full of his friends and great memories aquarium. On the way to the next aquarium, he saw a beautiful sea just like his hometown. He was so excited and tried his best to  jump out of the aquarium. Finally, he succeeded, but sadly, not in the sea, he jumped on the beach. He could not breath, he knew he will died soon, but he felt peaceful. He had a dream, in his dream, his kind and pretty mom kissed he, his father hugged he and his friends played with he, he had a beautiful dream.