January 15

Anti-Nuclear debate

After Friday’s debate and research, my opinion on useing nuclear power is AGAINST. Considering in various aspects, nuclear power has negative impacts in environment, price, unexpected potential energy. First of all, although the amount of emission of greenhouse gase is much lower than other resources like coal, and oil, but nuclear energy can cause environmental problems such as global warming. Also, nuclear power plants can release large quantities of dangerous radioactive materials during accidents, once it happened, it could cause permanent damage to the land and the people. Because the huge influence of nuclear leak, it requires special equipment and container to store and transport nuclear power. Therefore, in order to prevent this type of disease happened, we should use other renewable resources to replace nuclear power weapons, such as wind, solar energy, tidal energy, etc. These are  safer and more environment friendly. Though, it has some advantages of using nuclear power, if such terrible things that mentioned above, all the advantages would be wipe out. Another pollution it could produce is water pollutant. While nuclear fission takes place, it needs water to cool it down. Then the water would turn into steam and changes back into liquid form after the process. As a result, theses polluted water escape from chambers and immense to ecosystems nearby the reactor. Secondly, the nuclear fuel is non-renewable resources, as well as building a nuclear energy  plant costs rose form between 2 millions and 4 millions per unit to 9 millions per unit. In addition, numerous studies showed the radiation released from plants and industries have high possibilities of leading to cancer. Uranium is one of important materials used in the process of fission. It is an unstable element, which means the workers related to store or transport the materials should take extra precautions, otherwise it will make irreversible damage. Lastly, the one we have to mention is nuclear weapons. We had already seen the impacts can be generated by using weapons in world war. Due to the ambition that some countries have, once the “nuclear war” started, the whole world would end up with incredible devastation. In summary, before scientists coming up the solutions of preventing or reducing the damage the nuclear power would make to people, we should not using nucealr energy in all kinds of areas.