April 7

Capital Punishment within the short story, ‘Two Fishermen’

(caption, these are some data in this picture, they are about 2014.)

Death penalty is always a struggle question for everyone in the world, someone agree with that, someone does not agree with that. In our country, Canada does not have the capita punishment in present day, but it was taken a long time. In 1865, the death penalty stared appeared in Upper and Lower Canada; the in 1961 the murder was classified into capital and non-capital offenses, the capital punishment stared declining; and in 1962, there was the last executions took place in Canada; in 1966, capital punishment in Canada was limited to the killing of on-duty police officers and prison guards. Finally, Capital punishment was removed from the Canadian Criminal Code in 1976. In 1998 capital punishment was also removed from the Canadian National Defence Act, bringing Canadian military law in line with the civil law in Canada. People think the death penalty should removed from the law, because first, some punishments are so painful, such as the hang, electric chair, etc; Secondly, sometimes the judgement could make mistakes, caught the wrong person, that would happen; Lastly, someone said “The law kills the people who killed someone else.” Although the death penalty make the murderer feel the pain that victim felt before, feel the pain that victim’s family members felt, but the punishment is kind of stupid, people kill people as “Justice”, that is also a murder. People also think some murderers are really terrible, they killed people just for fun, they are very dangerous to the society, they impact citizens safety, they should died. Besides, each country made their own decision, the evil or the justice can not defined by anyone in the world,

In the “Two Fishermen”, the story probably took place around 1980s, at that time in Canada, the death penalty already removed. So, if that story took place in the Canada, there would no death, no capital punishment in that small town, and the punishment might change into endless prison  life, or maybe something else. Everything would totally changed: Thomas Delaney would live with pain of humiliation everyday, his wife could not start a new life, and the criminal rate in this town or in this whole country may be rise. Everyone live in panic society.

Thomas Delaney should not have been killed for his actions in defending his wife. Some people would say he should be killed, because his action is actually a murder, he killed people so he deserved that, however that is actually  legitimate defence, the one bothered his wife, he need to protect his family, that is human reaction. At that time, at that old town, the local government would not handle that kind case, because people do not have enough evidence to send the one who bothered his wife into the jail. On the other hand, this is a small town, people know each other very well, and that kind of things happened, every one would gossip that, Thomas Delaney’s family would have a hard time, they would feel shame all the time, maybe the relationship between he and his wife would get worse and worse. Then, maybe something bad will happen unexpectedly.


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