January 9

Non-Fiction Advertising Analysis

This is an advertisement of Coke Cola Company, released in 2015. The coke is being sold in the ad. There is not intended audience, the purpose of this ad is selling to everyone and hope people could share with others. Only red and white color in this ad, this is the major and unique color for Coke Cola, make audience distinguish it quickly. Obviously, audiences could see these two white hands first, and the wave of the arms is also a notable feature, usually the letters on the Coke Cola bottles use this type of front. Second, there is an interesting point in the ad, if you look carefully, you could see there is a Coke Cola bottle between two hands, it wants to show audience to share, share with other people around you. This idea is creative, and only this picture in the ad, it make the two hands and coke bottle become the focus point, attract to audiences. This ad appeals to pathos, because this ad is trying to tell people that Coke-Cola’s gist is “share”, share with your family, share with your friends. This part is about emotions, so this ad appeals to pathos. This ad utilized plain folks and bandwagon advertising persuasive techniques. This ad shows the Coke Cola is fit for everyone, and the theme of this ad–share, kind of telling audiences that to join the crowd. This ad wants to say Coke Cola make you feel happy, then you should share this joy with your family, friends, etc.

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