May 29

week 15 — Math 10

This week I learnt chapter 9– Equations of Linear Relations.

My aha moment is I solved a difficult question.

The question is Determine the angle of elevation for the line segment CD, where C(9,4) and D(-5,-2).

(hint: slope = tan. ratio) First, we just figure out what is the slope:


And then, we use the tan. ratio to figure out what is the angle of the elevation.


Then I got the answer.

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May 22

Week 14–Math 10

This week I solve a difficult question.

Here is the question.


This question is about midpoint, the midpoint formula is:


The question also tells us the slope is -3, means m=-3/1, and the slope formula is m=(y2-y1)÷(x2-x1), so we could use the point (1,6) to figure our the other point. The question said “The other endpoint is on the x-axis” it means the other point must be (x,0). According those information above, we could have a equation:


Then we got the other endpoint is (3,0). Now we just use the midpoint formula before, FullSizeRender

This is the final answer.

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May 8

Week 11–Math 10

This week we learnt the chapter 7 — Relations and Functions.  From this week’s classes, I got some hints.

  • The variable has coefficient is the independent variable, so another variable is the dependent variable.
  • Independent variable, input, and domain these words are the same meaning; Dependent, output, and range mean the same.
  • The different ways a relation may be represented are: equation, the graph, the words, table of values, set of ordered pairs, mapping, function notation.
  • Every time you need at least three points to graph.
  • The discrete variables— data that is counted–there are only some points on the graph–can not interpolate as points in between– no meaning
  • The continuous variable— data that is measured–there is a line on the graph, the points are connectedmeaning
  • The equation has degree onelinear; The equation has more that two degrees or equal twono linear
  • X-intercept => y=0, (x,0)
  • Y-intercept=>x=0, (0, y)
  • Every time you do the question like this “Determine the x- and y- intercepts of each equation.” at the end, you need answer as ordered pairs. If you meet a situation like this “-y^2=81” you can not figure it, you just write down no y-intercept.
  • When you do the question like “State the domain and range for each relation.” if you see there is only dots on the graph, you just list their domains, remember “no repeat”; If the line is continuous, no end, you just write down — D={xER} or R={yER}; Every time the line is continuous, you need have this at the end, {xER}{yER}.
  • Functions — input only has one output. But output can have two inputs.


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May 5

Science 10–Biodiversity lab


The first site: Grass field

There are four types go plants.  The Simpson’s index of first site is 58337.5


The second site: Forest

There are also four types of plants. The Simpson’s index of second site is 69.167


They have the same richness, nut site 2 has the most diverse according to the Simpson’s Index.

May 2

EAL-Skills–My Poem

 The Lovely Killer

A beautiful girl passed by me

My heart smelled her sweet fragrance

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

I was too excited to sleep that night

Where are you?

How to find you?

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

God must hear me

The golden sun shining on your graceful smile and long hair

That same sweet fragrance when we first met

The magic scent stuck in my nose

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

I won’t let you run away

You will stay with me forever,

I promise

My best work—you

What a exciting thing

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

When I found you

In a cute house, only you

Dark like a knife, sculpted in an excellent outline

Just like I wanted

I told myself:

I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty

There is a fire in my chest

A cat and mouse game

The scream of terror

One part, two parts……

The smell and the feeling

The fragrance becoming stronger and stronger

I said to her:

“Look my beauty, you are mine”

She was a beautiful princess

Wearing exquisite dress and a shiny crown

Nailed to the wall


This poem is free verse, because I think this type must much easier. I like reading horror novels and watching horror movies, so this horror poem, just for fun. I heard there were some terrible murder cases happened, and the victims were the girls, so I want to write a poem about it. This poem doesn’t have the theme, just wants to warn all the ladies don’t easily trust stranger, he might be a lovely killer. I do not use rhyme because I forget it. I used Repetition, Imagery, Metaphor and Personification. In my poem, “my heart smelled the fragrance,” this is personification; Every ends of paragraph have “I told myself: I miss her, I miss her, my little beauty.” this is repetition; At the last, “There is a fire in my chest, a cat and mouse game” this is Metaphor, the cat stands for the killer and the mouse represents the beautiful girl.