February 22

Comparing — The story you like best

                                                      Which story is better.

I think the second story is better, because the second story has more details.

In the second story the wolf is the main character. He wanted to borrow a cup of sugar to make a birthday cake for his dear old granny, and this is a great reason. From this, we can figure out that he is a good man, and the story of his side is a novel idea. So he went to the first pig’s straw house. Unfortunately, the wolf got a cold and he would sneeze. That’s why when he knocked on the door, the straw made his nose itch, so he huffed and snuffed and made the house fall down. The unexpected thing is the poor little pig died, and he thought it seemed like a shame to leave a perfectly good ham dinner in the straw, so he ate it up. So all of these are accidental. It is very different from the first story. In the first story the wolf wanted to eat the three little pigs from the beginning, and the wolf was a really bad wolf in the first story.  After that, he went to the next house. It is a stick house built by the first pig’s brother. The wolf knocked on the door but the pig was so rude, and then another sneeze came, so the second house fell down and the pig died too. Of course, the wolf ate it too. However, he still did not get a cup of sugar, so he went to the third pig’s house. This pig is the smartest pig in the pig’s family, so he built a brick house, but he was so impolite and insulted the wolf’s dear granny, so the wolf was very angry and crazy. He began to huff and snuff, wanted to break the house, but it did not work any more. And then, the cops came and arrested the wolf. Later, the news reporters wrote that he is a big bad wolf that will huff and snuff and blow your house down. However, we could figure out the wolf is innocent from the second story.

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