February 11

My story — Nothing is Impossible



Nothing is Impossible

It was a sunny day, but it was quiet cold outside. Mr. Beens was driving his 8 year old truck down the road. The truck was blue and worn. This was the way to his selfish and verjuice aunt’s home. Actually, he did not really want to go there, because there was a large and  aggressive dog that made him quiet scared. But almost New Year, Mr.Beans wanted to visit the lonely elder madam. If he could help her, that must be great. Suddenly, there was a big sudden turn that made Mr.Beans unprepared, so the car was out of control and flying on the tree! “Oh, *!” said Mr.Beans. Luckily, he was not hurt, just had some problems to get down the tree and maybe need to walk to the aunt’s home.

The truck uses it’s action to tell us, Nothing is impossible! Every time, you just do it, work hard, and try you best, and then you will get successful!

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