February 10

The Story — His Terrible Nightmare



His Terrible Nightmare

Tom was a cute puffer who lived deep in the sea.  Even though Tom was quite fat, he was the fastest puffer fish around.  He had small eyes and was covered in spikes. He was happy every day.  He loved to eat all different types of little fish from the sea.  He thought they were all very delicious. Tom also had so many friends. They liked to swim through the corals and liked to play hide-and-seek. Tom had a very wonderful and unique skill.  He could become a gigantic poisonous ball. His friends all liked his unique skill and he was very happy with that.

One day, Tom was playing hide-and-seek with his friends and he hid behind a huge black coral. Suddenly, he saw a strange net under him and then it went up very fast. And a moment later, he fell in the water. The next thing,Tom found out who was inside of a huge and old strange place.  He felt so scared that made him could not breath freely. And he thought he lost the way back home. He could not imagine the future life in the strange place. Soon, there was something coming towards him, he began to shaking. Finally, he found out the something is a little cute and beautiful jellyfish. “ Hi, I am Helen! What’s your name?” Of course, she became his friend, the best friend. During the 3 years, he adapted to the situation, that every day someone threw the foods to them and he need to show his unique skill to the people. But Tom enjoyed that. Three years later, he left that full of his friends and great memories aquarium. On the way to the next aquarium, he saw a beautiful sea just like his hometown. He was so excited and tried his best to  jump out of the aquarium. Finally, he succeeded, but sadly, not in the sea, he jumped on the beach. He could not breath, he knew he will died soon, but he felt peaceful. He had a dream, in his dream, his kind and pretty mom kissed he, his father hugged he and his friends played with he, he had a beautiful dream.

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