The Secrets Of Sugar

“Child”, S,M,L = Child- SERVING SIZE- 315ml- AMOUNT OF SUGAR- 28g Small-SERVING SIZE- 440ml- AMOUNT OF SUGAR-39g Medium- SERVING SIZE-570ml- AMOUNT OF SUGAR-56g Large- SERVING SIZE-860ml- AMOUNT OF SUGGAR-82g   Gatorade- SERVING SIZE-1 bottle 609g- AMOUNT OF SUGAR-31.9g Monster- SERVING SIZE-240g-AMOUNT OF SUGAR-27g Rootbeer- SERVING SIZE-1 can 355ml- AMOUNT OF SUGAR-43g Fruit by the foot- […]

Kate’s Fast Food Items And Alternatives

Subway- Six Inch Vegi:  Calories-240 Total fat-2g Saturated fat-0.4g Trans fat- 0g Total Carbohydrates-39g Sugar-5g Fibre-5g Sodium-280mg Alternative- FlatBread: has 40 fewer calories. Wendy- Spicy Chicken Wrap Calories-180 Total fat-20g Saturated fat-5g Total Carbohydrates-31g Sugar-2g Fibre-2g Sodium-860mg Alternative- make your own- get chicken, lettuce, siracha and lettuce at the store. (more time consuming but better […]

How Things Things Work Model Project

What’s the problem you are trying to solve? Nuclear energy is much better than fossil fuels because when using nuclear energy there is   0 greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere. Using an 8.5 pellet of uranium is equivalent to using 1 ton of coal being burned. Whoever by using nuclear power plants it makes a lot of […]

Fresh Periodic Table

For our new version of the periodic table, we changed the order that it’s in so that the less reactive elements are on the left instead of the right so that it gets more reactive from left to right. We made the different families all have different colours, so they are easier to find and […]