How Things Things Work Model Project

  1. What’s the problem you are trying to solve?

Nuclear energy is much better than fossil fuels because when using nuclear energy there is   0 greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere. Using an 8.5 pellet of uranium is equivalent to using 1 ton of coal being burned. Whoever by using nuclear power plants it makes a lot of nuclear waste.

2. Form and Function

Each part of the nuclear power plant has its own role in making it work.

-fuel rods give uranium

-water in the reactor (moderator) slows down URM.

-control rods control the fission rate

-generator/turbine turns steam into electricity

-pumps (water pump) cools reactors. water being pumped through the systems pushes water past nuclear core and takes heat away.

-cooling tower dissipates heat into the atmosphere.

-pipes transfer water and steam throughout the power plant

-steam generators convert water into steam from heat mode in the nuclear reactor core.

3. social implications

For social implications, we decided to make a list of pro and cons

Pros                                                                  Cons

-job intensive                                                         -catastrophic if explosions occur.

-resilient during harsh weathers                       -very big machines

-low operating costs

4. environmental implications

Pros                                                                       Cons

-no greenhouse gases                                              -not a good for nuclear waste

-fuel efficient                                                            – not a renewable fuel source

-creates lost of energy with not a lot of fuel.

For each pro and con written out, I still believe that nuclear power plants are better for the environment because of the little number of greenhouse gases being put into the atmosphere.

5. Evaluate

A nuclear power plant isn’t really solving a problem other than having no greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are whats warming the earth which is causing global warming. The nuclear power plants are causing more nuclear waste which is nuclear fuel stays radioactive for many thousands of years which is causing nuclear waste and is also causing global warming.

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