Fresh Periodic Table

For our new version of the periodic table, we changed the order that it’s in so that the less reactive elements are on the left instead of the right so that it gets more reactive from left to right. We made the different families all have different colours, so they are easier to find and tell apart. The families stay the same but we changed the way the table is going, so it makes more sense in our eyes.


  1. Make a periodic table that is not the same as the regular one with patterns. Nicole and I decided to make our periodic table go from less reactive to more reactive because it makes more sense and its easier to understand it.
  2. we decided to go with the regular squares and we flipped the table but you could use circles or squares.
  3. Our original plan was to make a huge triangle and then with little triangles that have all the metals and the non-metals.
  4. we flipped the periodic table so it goes from less reactive to most reactive.
  5. we probably could’ve had more organization and have been a little bit more creative but we did what’s most practical.





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