My Trip To Earth.


On my trip down to earth, I experienced a lot of different things. I decided to go to a party to experience why these so-called “teens” do these things. There were a lot of different earth beings and I come to notice that they are different at these so-called parties than they do at the big building they go to every day. Why do they all go to that huge building for most of the day? Anyways at this party, they all carry around these little red cups in their hands and they also carry around this triangle box that lights up and they touch it. They scream when they drop it and they take constant pictures of themselves. Some of them have these white pieces of paper rolled up between their fingers and when it’s in there mouth this white stuff comes out from there mouth and disappears into the air. When they drink out of the cups they start to act different and they start to fall everyone and hit the ground. What could those drinks be? Why do they come to this person house? While I was down on earth to do my research I came across a couple teens and I asked them a few questions. for some reason they thought it was weird, I was asking these questions but they went along with it. I asked questions like “why do teens come here” someone answered, “we come here to have fun”. It doesn’t seem like they are having fun. it just seems like they are getting injured and talk to the same people they do every day.  The party ended and I went back to the moon.

A couple day’s I went back to earth, but this time I was going to “school” as they like to call it. I wanted to know what they do and why they go to school every day. One thing I noticed while I went to school is that they don’t dress the same as they do at the party. I’m really curious to know why they don’t dress the same. I followed someone I saw at the party into this little box where about 25 of the teens sit. They sat down and grabbed these white sheets from there back warmer thingy they carry around. I noticed that they are much quieter at school and they don’t act the same at the party which I found weird but I just pushed it past me to find out why they yell at each other and are mean to some people but nice to others. They still carry around those light boxes. A bell ring and they all left the building in a rushing matter. So I went back to my ship and went home. The humans act so differently around certain groups. But why? I guess we will never know. You will have to go undercover yourself to see what the teen life is really like, but remember don’t get caught.


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