Change can happen

Social change can happen with small actions of dedicated individuals. Malala Yousafzai was an impact for girls all around the world. Malala fought for girls to go to school all around the world. Malala didn’t want to sit around and watch nothing happen to the society so she did something. One day she was trying to go to school  and was shot in the face. She has since won many awards and is considered a celebrity. The guys who went to school obviously didn’t like the fact that she was trying to school because its considered the guys thing to learn and the girls stay home and work, in FEC the boys wanted to be the only ones who got the water and as soon as someone was trying to make a change they didn’t like it and started bullying the girls.

Girls not being allowed to go to school is still happening around the world but since Malala’s story got out it has definitely changed our society. It isn’t hard to do a small act of kindness everyday. it ca be small or big, such as helping your mom bring in the groceries or just giving someone a smile on the street. You can do simple things everyday and little do you know it could impact someones day majorly. Gandalf’s quotes is about how a small act of kindness and that you don’t need to do something big in order to be a nice person.




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