Digital Footprint Learning

1: Your digital footprint can effect you in 10 years when you go to apply for a job. Say if you go to get a job when your in your 20s like 26 and you want to get a new job and when you apply your interview goes very well. You think your going to get the job but then you get the call from the company saying that you didn’t get the job. you don’t understand why but little did you know they searched you up and found some dirt on you that made you loose your job opportunity.

2: Its a very good idea to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe and some ways you can do that is by always being positive and posting positive things on your social media accounts. Not saying rude, inappropriate things and racial things towards others. you can keep a good digital footprint by not sharing say some pictures that sally sent out last week and you can keep a safe digital footprint by not sharing everything about your social life. live in the moment and make memories.

3: Always make sure you understand what you are posting about because it could effect other peoples lives and it can be hurtful to someone else. You don’t have to post every single thing you did over the weekend. Keep some things to yourself as a memories for you not for the other 500 followers you have on instagram.








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