Iron Chef Reflection

I really enjoyed this iron chef competition. It was fun to have the freedom to make and use whatever. My group was really good, I enjoy everyone in the group which makes it easier for us to make decisions together and we all contributed to our final presentation. Our group decided to make a cinnamon swirl bundt cake since none of us had made it or eaten it before so it would be a new experience for all of us. We chose the recipe that we found because it incorporated the secret ingredient which was cinnamon really well. Our group made the decision to add some freshness and got some fresh blueberries to make a blueberry glaze which ended up really good. Our presentation to the judges went really well and the appearance of our dish was really good. If I were to do an iron chef compaction again I would think about the whole dish at the beginning and not think about adding things half way through it. When choosing the recipe we did make a risk of having the recipe be 50 minutes to bake but in the end it turned out really good and the outside of the bundt cake ended being nice and crispy on the outside and inside was gooey good.

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