Oct/Nov/Dec Lab Reflection

I have really enjoyed every recipe that we have made. The two recipes that I enjoyed and I found the most fun to do is the DIY cheese and Prepping the chicken.

I choose the DIY cheese because I really enjoyed making it, it had such a different process then other recipes that I have done, and its a food that I eat on the daily and never thought about making. The Cheese ended up tasting really good, was not expecting that and It tasted so good in the cheese bisects  we made the next day. I really enjoyed the group that I was in. It was challenging at times since we all were somewhat confused at some points but at the end it all worked out fine. If we could do something different next time to make the cheese better I would want to but different seasoning in it since ours ended to be good but I know we could have made it better.

I wanted to reflect on the prepping of the chicken since I was excited to do it and it was a really good tool to learn how to do. I enjoy eating chicken and to know the proper way to debone a chicken and how to use all the parts of the chicken in different ways. I really enjoyed doing the lab because it was so hands on, each person in our groups had there own task that they needed to do and since when we were watching the demo I took notes I was the person to go to for help. The lab turned out well, I got some really good cut on the breast of the chicken and got a good mark on it. I would for sure use this skill again since its a lot cheaper buying a whole chicken then all ready cut up pieces. My group was ok, they were sort of confused at most times but since I write all the steps down it helped them a ton. I was fun to see that one chicken can be used in so many different ways.

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