Waste Plan

In my home my family and I compost as much as possible, we use the city compost for most of our food waste and we also use compost in my backyard where we make our own soil to but in our garden. When we are out of the house if there is no compost bins it can be quite hard to limit waste. At school if I see a compost bin I put most of my food waste in it but if it is not convenient for me I just toss it in the garbage.

The area that I can improve on with limiting my food waste would be… at school to not use convenience as an excuse and either go and find a compost bin or put it in a container that I had at lunch and bring it home and put it in the home compost. At home I think it would be a good idea to limit the amount of food that we put in the compost by eating left overs more and not buying big balks of food that we wont eat.

The actions that I am going to take to limit my waste will be to eat more left overs so we dont have to waste as much good food. I also want to make sure that when I am out of my house to use the community compost bins and there is not to bring it home and compost it in my home.


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