RAC 2018

This week it is Random Act of Caring week, and I chose a RAC to demonstrate throughout the week. I chose to do something for a close friend.

I met this girl at the beginning of the year and since then we have grown closer and closer everyday. I know in the past she has had struggles with friends and so i am so glad that she has found my friends and i. On Friday as couple of friends and i went to Dairy Queen but she could not come since she is working so hard on the backstage stuff of the school musical. I felt bad that we went and she was stuck at school so i decided that i would get her something and bring it back to her. i decided to get her a cookie ice cream cake and run it back to school with a bunch of spoons so we could give it to her and we could all enjoy it together.

What did you notice about the people who benefited from the RAC?

Since she has had a long day at school you could tell that she was grateful that we came back for her and she was vary surprised that we brought her a cake to all share.

What did you notice about yourself?

I notice that i could not take the smile i had on my face away. i knew that she was not expecting it so it felt good to see her face light up and make her day better. i also realized that even something small can make all the different to others. She was with others doing the lighting and they joined with eating that cake to and you could tell that they were grateful to have some ice cream in them as well.

How did performing a RAC contribute to your personal awareness and responsibility?

Performing the RAC helped me to  be aware that even something small for someone can do all the difference. i realized that i should do more little things for people because it makes them feel good as well it makes me feel good.

Did you enjoy this RAC? Would you do it again? Would you change it, if so, how?

I really enjoyed doing this RAC and i would for sure do it again. It is going to be my goal to do more RAC and to do it in different ways, like making new friends, helping someone with something and so many other ways.

How did it contribute to your leadership skills?

Doing RAC contributes to my leadership skills by becoming a leader and stepping out side of my comfort zone. It has improved my view on being supportive and making peoples life and days better.

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