Multiculturalism Assignment


This video is showing how people are making up rules that are not true about how you cant work in Canada if you can not speak English. It shows how rude people can be and not even know that they are talking about.

I picked this video because it shows how people can be rube to other for a vary wrong reason. I think that it is really disgusting to see that happening to people who are doing nothing wrong.


This Syrian refugee family opened there arms and said that they MUST help out people how have lose there homes to the Fort McMurray fire.

I think that this is so amazing that the Syrian family could pay a helping hand forward and can help people who are in need with that they have.


I think that Canada has gone a long way with multiculturalism. Even thought there is still people who discriminate, people who are multicultural over power that making Canada an amazing place to live.

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