1 thought on “Industrial Revolution Video Discussion

  1. For #1, think about whether or not breaking away from Britain is what the people of the 13 Colonies wanted. Did they all want it? Did they ever ask the people about it?
    Expand more on what makes this a Revolution. What about the whole war was revolutionary? What evidence is there that would make us see this as a rebellion?
    For #3, does American culture have any positive or negative effects on us?
    You can also expand on American and Canadian identity with examples from the American Revolution. For example, the simple act of Americans fighting to get what they want is still part of their thinking today. If you look at Canada at this point in time, you already see the beginnings of how we try to work with all cultures in the creation of Upper and Lower Canada.
    For next time, I’d like to see more specific events as examples in your responses.

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