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  1. But remember, imperialism did create a lot of wars here. However, it also gave Britain and France a chance to work together in the treaties and eventually, as we saw with the Treaty of Paris, there was consideration for the French once the British took over.
    Yes, the Treaty of Paris allowed French Canadians to sell to property as long as it was to someone in the British Empire. Which means it could be other French Canadians too.
    It was the Treaty of Paris that allowed French to leave Canada freely if they wished within 18 months. Quebec Act, negated a lot of the limits the Royal Proclamation put on the French people.
    You’re right, the Quebec Act really is important because it develops that cooperation between the British Government and the French Canadians. It also keeps Quebec in the British Empire as we’ll see in our next unit. By keeping the residents of Quebec happy, they stay in the Empire with the 13 Colonies work on separating.
    For our identity today, you could even discuss our dealings with the Aboriginals since their rights under the Royal Proclamation still guide our relationship with Aboriginals today.

    Good job!

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