1 thought on “Virtual Museum Screenshot (War of the Grand Allience)

  1. I think this is a CW Jeffrys painting. You’ll need to give the date of the painting, not the event. The date of the event can be in the description.
    For the description, describe what is happening in the painting. If it’s 1690, this probably has something to do with William Phips trying to attack Quebec and sending someone to discuss things with Governor Frontenac of Canada.
    For the significance, explain how King William’s War affected North America.
    For the perspective, focus on how things are drawn or depicted. For this painting, it should be Frontenac in blue who has all his officers surrounding him. You notice that he’s in a powerful stance while the guy in red, who should be a British messenger, looks a bit intimidated and surrounded. This all adds to making it favour the French.

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