KARPHANIE podcast #1

Voici notre premier podcast! Dans la premier épisode, on va parler à propos des tueur de série la plus fameuse aujourd’hui. On va parler à propos de sa vie quand il était un enfant, sa vie amoureuse, et tout les meurtres qu’il a commis. ÉPISODE #1  

The Sea Devil Questions

The Sea Devil Questions The man fishes by night because he likes the hardship and loneliness of it. He also likes to feel different than while doing his job back in time to feel isolated and elemental. He tied the knots of the castaway around its wrists. When the man let the baby, porpoise go […]

A Mountain Journey Questions

Q-What was Dave Conroy doing out in the wilderness? (motivation)  A- Dave Conroy’s motivation for going out to the forest is for trapping to support his family.  Q-At what point does the reader know the protagonist is in serious trouble and not likely to make it toMacMoran’s cabin? (plot)  A- The reader knows the protagonist is in serious […]

The Friday Everything Changed Questions

Comprehension   1.The boys are upset because it’s tradition that they always carry the water and not the girls.   2. The boys were mad at the girls so they gave the girls threatening notes and the girls teamed up on them. Elements of Fiction 3. Alma Niles is telling the story. Ms Ralston is more so […]