Independent Studies Time Logs – April 2017

April 1 – 45 minutes (Sketches) April 2 – 60 minutes (2nd Project) April 3 – 80 minutes (Planning 3rd Project/References) April 4 – 80 minutes (2nd Project) April 5 – 70 minutes (2nd Project) April 6 – 80 minutes (2nd Project) April 7 – 80 minutes (2nd Project) April 8 – 30 minutes (Sketch […]

Advantages of Different Forms

Standard Form y=a(x-p)^2+q Advantages – With standard form, we are able to find the vertex, the axis of symmetry, and the minimum and maximum values. General Form y=ax^2+bx+c Advantages – With general form, we’re able to find the y intercept. You are also able to convert to standard for or factored form easily. Factored Form […]

Nature V.S. Nurture

When you’re born, you’re given a mixture of your parents physical features. You may be born with your mother’s eyes, and your fathers nose, for example. However, your personality and talents may be acquired from the environment around you. The debate between nature v.s. nurture has been one of the longest running arguments known to […]

The Irish Immigrant Experience

This image depicts a pig acting like a human being by standing on its hind legs and wearing what looks like upperclass clothing. The pig is talking to a man who is wearing a crown so perhaps it is a British man (faithful to the Crown) and he has a prude expression on his face, […]

Which Cause Was the Most Responsible?

The cause that was most responsible for the French Revolution was the Enlightenment philosophers. Everyone started doubting the norms of the three estates. They began to think for themselves and wanted a change. They believed people were born equal and should have equal rights, people had the right to rule their own country, the right […]