English Project: Newspaper Article

NYC Insider Recently, the streets of New York have been getting darker, police say that recent crimes that have happened might have a connection with each other. Weeks ago, Tyrone Johnson, son of notorious drug lord Orlando Johnson, was seen coming out of a restaurant near by witnesses say. From behind, a black Toyota, which […]

Song Analysis on Sixteen Saltines by Jack White

Sixteen Saltines by Jack White is a song about his complicated relationship with a person, more likely his daughter or another female in his life. He got inspired to write this when he asked his daughter what she wanted for a snack, and she responded with, “I think I’ll have sixteen saltines.” The song has […]


It was mid-July, radioactivity is high on its peak, blood boiling in the Spectrum society’s veins. There wasn’t much left of the Spectrum, all the high frequency colours now demolished and the low-fi ones barely filled with citizens. Anyone who’s even alive to this point is hiding from the Drones and not making a decibel […]

The Friday Everything Changed Essay

The short story, The Friday Everything Changed, is written around the idea of the gender normality, and how traditions change as time goes on. It starts off with the narrator (who is a student), talking about how on every Friday, their teacher Ms.Ralston, would choose two boys to go get water from the well at […]