Compare and Contrast: If & The Road Not Taken

Choices, a simple decision can change the entire course of your life. Our lives are like forest trails splitting into more directions every moment we are faced with a new decision, either making our hike more retched and muddy or a relaxing downhill. This is how our life goes, until we reach the end, we […]

Persuasive Essay – Choice

In the story Choice, we are taken through the story between the relationship of Ken and Peggy. Their relationship is a bit, unbalanced where it was casual but they’d still give in for what deeper relationships might offer. They haven’t seen each other since the summer, and now they’ve decided to take a trip to […]

Message to Mark Farnsworth

Mark Farnsworth Room 201 Parliament Buildings Victoria, BC V8V 1X4 Subject: The Issue of Open Pit Mining Dear, Mark Farnsworth My name is Karen Kanemaru from Riverside Secondary School and I am writing to you because of our country’s most commonly used method of mining minerals, open pit mining is gravely flawed. As you may […]

BC’s Resources

Forestry – In 2008, more than 80 000 jobs relied on the forest industry. – Logging and the manufacture of forest products provide more employment and contribute more value added than any other industrial sector in British Columbia. – Concern is growing about the sustainability of the forest industry. People have looked for new, creative […]

BC Economic Past

Agriculture I. Areas: Valleys, river deltas, and plateaus Places: Fraser Valley, the Okanagan Valley, and the Thompson Valley. II. – While many of the settlers in British Columbia were farmers they consumed most of their own produce or sold them only locally. Agriculture began and developed to supply meat, vegetables and dairy products to people […]

The Father of Vancouver

Out of our candidates of Richard Moody, Gassy Jack, David Oppenheimer, and Lauchlan Hamilton, I believe the title of Father of Vancouver should be given to Richard Moody because he was the one to say where the new capital was which is New Westminster today, he also instructed the creation of the North Road. He […]

The Annexation Party of British Columbia

Reading the Annexation Party of BC’s paper, I can see where they’re getting at and they do make some good points for example they state that the differences are East to West and the similarities are North to South, BC is definitely very similar to our American neighbours Washington and Alaska. Another point that could […]