Persuasive Essay – Choice

In the story Choice, we are taken through the story between the relationship of Ken and Peggy. Their relationship is a bit, unbalanced where it was casual but they’d still give in for what deeper relationships might offer. They haven’t seen each other since the summer, and now they’ve decided to take a trip to the countryside, little did they know this trip would take turn for the worst.

The two become the victims of a car crash which results in Peggy become trapped under the wreckage, miraculously still alive. Eventually she is saved and taken by the ambulance for immediate help, but the question in mind is who’s responsible for it all? We are able to say that both are at fault here, taking on their individual responsibilities but one of the twos faults weigh down the other, and the person I believe who is most responsible is Ken. Firstly, he was the driver of the car, and the driver is responsible for the safety of all passengers of the vehicle no matter what. When someone gets in front of the wheel, they hold the lives of every person in there as well including his own life of course. Another factor that has to do with the vehicle is that clearly it was unsafe to ride, but Ken didn’t bother to use an alternative or go get it fixed. This shows us that he is quite careless and perhaps lazy. We aren’t given enough information to know what actually caused the accident, but how rundown the car was may have been a factor to it, but again we can’t exactly say it was the main reason. Secondly, there’s this manipulative feeling. Love makes us blind, and Peggy was definitely victim to being blind by young love. This  isn’t 100% her fault, we have to consider that Ken was leading her on. By the end of the story we understand that Ken doesn’t actually care for Peggy’s well being when they’re both in the ambulance, ““What was it? Didn’t he have anything more to say?” (pg. 126).

Although Ken’s actions were the major factors of the incident, we should also consider Peggy’s actions as well. Peggy had a choice she could make, we know in the beginning that, “Peggy had only had a little while to make up her mind.” (pg. 117) but by the uneasy feeling she had with Ken’s car and the condition it was in, she should have at least had a turning point in her decision there. In the end, her love for Ken got the best of her and she brushed the feelings aside and followed through with her getaway with Ken. But like I said before, Ken’s manipulative actions also triggered her to think like this. Also, even if Peggy wasn’t there, this crash most likely could have happened anyways. Maybe no on the countryside if Ken decided to cancel the plans if Peggy said no, but eventually the car would’ve caused an accident somewhere.

Furthermore, because Ken was driving the vehicle, took no time to fix or get a safer vehicle, had no intentions to keep Peggy entirely safe, and made her blind by one sided love, I believe Ken is the person to be blamed for the car crash and the consequences that followed including the state of Peggy and her legs.

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