The Annexation Party of British Columbia

Reading the Annexation Party of BC’s paper, I can see where they’re getting at and they do make some good points for example they state that the differences are East to West and the similarities are North to South, BC is definitely very similar to our American neighbours Washington and Alaska. Another point that could very much appeal to people would be if British Columbia and the Yukon joined America, it would mean more freedom travelling North and South and more job opportunities without hasty borders and the high Canadian tax rate. But even after the appeal they do give the British Columbians, I believe it’s not a mandatory thing to have BC annexed from the rest of Canada. Ottawa only has control over us because they are the “central government”. That’s where parliament is and where all the national decisions are made. In reality our taxes are not as high as we thought compared to places like Europe. If we were to annex from Canada, it’s like we’re escaping our problems and not trying to compromise with authority.

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  1. Plus, if we joined America, we’d just transfer our federal control to Washington which might cause the same problems (but states have more power than provinces).

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