Was the Oregon Treaty a Good Compromise?

I do not believe that the Oregon Treaty was not a good compromise. Though George Vancouver claimed it for HBC first, it didn’t necessarily belong to Britain. America actually settled people on the land and created a provisional government, which actually colonized the land making it a plentiful settlement. HBC did not do that, and Britain was too far away to have steady control and BC was not their highest priority. Though because of the HBC, Canada showed interest in expanding their territory to the Oregon Territory. Without the HBC, we might not have BC as Canadian territory today. Also in America, the spiritual belief of “Manifest Destiny” was growing which meant that people believed that it was God’s order that America will take over North America, and so maybe when HBC claimed the land, America might have shown more interest because of their beliefs.

One thought on “Was the Oregon Treaty a Good Compromise?

  1. Right, it’s almost as though Britain was just trying to reserve the land for themselves. America had plans for it.

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