Political Cartoon Analogies

Jack In The Beanstalk


McDonald would be Jack and Canada would be the giant. This isn’t a good analogy because the only similarities are the bribery acts that took place (a goat for a couple of beans), and the golden goose would be the votes because he is essentially stealing them.

Red Riding Hood


Canada would portray as Red Riding Hood and Huntington would be the wolf with McDonald as the grandmother. The wolf eats the grandmother and takes her place. McKenzie would be the huntsmen who saves the day and essentially kills the wolf. This is a good analogy because all three characters can be portrayed by the three men, and the plot is similar to the actual event.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Goldilocks’ role would be played by McDonald the three bears could be Canada as a whole. While the Bears weren’t looking, Goldilocks entered inside the house, and used all their stuff and took things without permission. This would work because McDonald was taking money to get votes for his campaign. Both breaking into a house and bribing votes are illegal, so that is also similar. But in the end the ‘bears’ found out what Goldilocks was doing. This analogy will be given a 4/5

Three Little Pigs


This analogy would somewhat work because McDonald could play as the pigs, and Huntington would be the big bad wolf. When the wolf didn’t get the sugar he asked for (in this case the railway), he threatened to blow the pigs houses down. The threat being that he wouldn’t join Canada. This would work up to an extent until the brick house, and that is why I gave it a 3/5.

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