After The Creation of Manitoba

After Manitoba was created, the Europeans thought that the Metis were less of importance than they were, and they started to corner the Metis as well as other First Nation’s tribes, so they could expand their own lands for more incoming European settlers. Bison hunting, one of the main sources of economy, food, and other necessities in an Aboriginal’s life was becoming more difficult to do because of the rapid decrease of bison. As new railways were built, and the encouragement of bison hunting towards European settlers increased, the First Nations and Metis’ lifestyle was getting hard to live through as bisons were continuously slaughtered. An example of a European who took advantage of the First Nation’s is Lawrence Clarke. Clarke was a factor for HBC’s Fort Carlton. He’d pay the Metis carriers as well little as he could and threw cruel labouring tasks at them as if they were animals. He was appointed as magistrate and he used his new power to imprison Metis who refused his low pay.

In 1870, the Manitoba Act was created. and most of the laws in this act were for the benefit of the Europeans, not the Metis. For example, Metis were given scrips that allowed them to choose between taking land or money. This benefited the Metis because if they were to choose money, which many of them did, they could pay off their debt. It may have been good at a present time, but as generations passed, the children of those who chose land were not benefiting from this. The land that they were given might be far away from their families, making it harder to stay together, and farm. Other complications with these scrips was the security, many scrips went missing, and because many Metis did not know how to read or write, they would sign these papers with a simple “X”. Because of how simple and how often the Metis signed scrips like this, it was easy for other people to sign these without consent.

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  1. Just missing the Laws of St Laurent and what Clarke did to them. He essentially undermined the laws which the Metis created to protect the buffalo. That really sent the message that Canada/HBC did not care about the Metis wishes or way of life.

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