Guiding Questions

1. He started working on the National Policy in 1876 because he needed a platform to convince all of Canada, his ideas and intentions. The voters agreed with Macdonald’s mission, and he and his party returned to running office. 2. The  three parts of the National Policy were Protective Tariffs, increased immigration, and the CPR. The Protective […]

Political Cartoon Analogies

Jack In The Beanstalk ★☆☆☆☆ McDonald would be Jack and Canada would be the giant. This isn’t a good analogy because the only similarities are the bribery acts that took place (a goat for a couple of beans), and the golden goose would be the votes because he is essentially stealing them. Red Riding Hood […]

Canada Genocide

In the 1870’s, the Government of Canada partnered with Anglican, Catholic, United, and Presbyterians churches to establish and operate boarding and residential schools for Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis) children. (e) The intent of the Residential School System was to educate, assimilate, and integrate Aboriginal people into Canadian society. In the words of one […]

Linear Relations Story

The Zodiac Killer was a notorious serial killer during the 60’s and 70’s. The greater the body count was for his victims, the amount of bounty increased as well. The Zodiac Killer killed up to 37 people. The equation I will use to determine the bounty money (y) is y=2x+6400. The domain is {0<_x<_37, x […]

After The Creation of Manitoba

After Manitoba was created, the Europeans thought that the Metis were less of importance than they were, and they started to corner the Metis as well as other First Nation’s tribes, so they could expand their own lands for more incoming European settlers. Bison hunting, one of the main sources of economy, food, and other […]

The Sale of Rupert’s Land

There are several reasons why the Metis had the right to complain about the sale of Rupert’s Land. Firstly, this land was originally their ancestors, so they should have had the right to decide whether or not they would like to sell it off to the British Crown. Though the European settlers that came to […]

Métis In The Fur Trade

(Mid 1800’s) The Buffalo Hunt by William Armstrong This painting or sketch shows the Métis coming back from a hunt. We know this because their Red River carts are filled with bison hides and meat to trade with most likely the people of the North West Company. The carts are seen to have people on […]