The Problems With Pre-Confederation Government

There were several issues while the government was in pre-confederation. For example, before Canada used equal representation as a way to vote for ideas, but as time went on and in 1860, this caused a problem because as the populations grew, Canada West’s population grew larger than Canada East which meant that Canada East’s votes would become stronger. This made Canada West wish to have representation by population so that their votes would be stronger.

Another problem was double majority, which means that to pass a bill in Legislative Assembly, both a majority of Canada East and West must agree on it. This caused a problem because these sides had very different views and opinions, which made it nearly impossible for bills to be passed.

Independence was also a problem. Independence meant that everyone would have different opinions and ideas so nothing could get done. Parties made this easier because even though people in the party might have different ideas, but they have the same platform idea.

One thought on “The Problems With Pre-Confederation Government

  1. Remember that it’s independents in the government that caused a problem. Also make sure you understand how rep by pop could also be a problem.

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