Political Cartoon Analysis

Cross Roads Description: Acadia (Nova Scotia) is on a cross road, and she is choosing between Canada and the United States. On Canada’s side you see two men (probably part of Assembly, or the Council),  and a cornucopia which symbolizes plentifulness, it has an Intercolonial Bill inside. The US’s side has a danger sign on the […]

Report On The Three Colonies (Maritimes)

I set off on a journey last month to attend and report for Maritime Monthly, three conferences held in Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and London, England to propose a creation of a new country called Canada, and I believe by now that we the Maritime folk already know of this. By the looks of it […]

The Problems With Pre-Confederation Government

There were several issues while the government was in pre-confederation. For example, before Canada used equal representation as a way to vote for ideas, but as time went on and in 1860, this caused a problem because as the populations grew, Canada West’s population grew larger than Canada East which meant that Canada East’s votes […]

What Economic Reason Encouraged Confederation?

In the 19th century, the fastest way of transportation was the railroad. It had a main role industrialization, and would help many people ship exports and imports throughout its route, and also give many people jobs. Building railroads became a huge trend, creating routes in every angle, but soon the people started to build them […]

How Significant Was The Rebellion Of 1837 In Terms Of Creating Responsible Government For Upper And Lower Canada?

The Rebellion of 1837 was the uprisings of Upper and Lower Canada, because of their unsatisfactory with their governments, Lower Canada being dissatisfied of their biased English run government, and Upper Canada being upset over the various land issues, and favoritism towards the wealthy (problems with absentee landlords, land speculators, and Crown/Clergy reserves). Though the […]

Union Act 1840 Chart

Act 1 – Against: It says they will listen to “Her Majesty’s subjects” AKA the English, therefore, the French’s opinions would be ignored. Act 3 – For: The Queen will listen to the Assembly’s opinions. Act 4 – Against: The Governor, who is English, appoints the Legislative Council which would most likely be all English which […]

Why the Rebellion of 1837 Failed

There are several causes to why the Rebellion of 1837 failed miserably, one of them being that the rebels had very little training and knowledge compared to the fully trained and professional British soldiers. They were crudely armed, and had no drill or discipline. Going back to not being trained, they’d accidentally shoot their own […]

Problems in Upper and Lower Canada

Problems of Upper and Lower Canada (Venn Diagram) In the 1837 Rebellion was a very disorganized and short, but it made long lasting changes with the help of the following three people. Robert Gourlay was a land agent and agriculturalist who interviewed farmers in Upper Canada to find that many of them were not satisfied of […]