The Underground Railroad

1. The ratio of white to black people in Windsor is around 1:7. 2. They were good mechanics and blacksmiths, very kind, resourceful with what they had, and had very nice homes, 3. The black people received five acres of free land, which they must cultivate in order to keep. They were given education in […]

The Irish Immigrant Experience

This image depicts a pig acting like a human being by standing on its hind legs and wearing what looks like upperclass clothing. The pig is talking to a man who is wearing a crown so perhaps it is a British man (faithful to the Crown) and he has a prude expression on his face, […]

Evolution of Woman 19th Century to Present

(Disclaimer, I accidentally read until page 19.) What are women’s rights? Women’s rights is the effort of creating equality between females and males. How women are treated has changed over the course of hundreds of years, but today, let’s focus on the changes through the 19th century to the present day. According to the Female […]

Life in Upper Canada

This picture depicts farming because you can see in the background stumps of trees that were cut down for farming use as well as space to build a house. Two men are discussing in the lower right corner, perhaps about trading or they are neighbours and are discussing their farming. Though this sounds very stereotypical […]

Energy Industry in the Plains

Alberta has one of the most important industry regions of Canada. Important industry’s in Alberta include,mining,and agriculture . Mining is one of the most important things for Alberta, as there are several mining areas. Mining areas produce uranium, oil, potash, copper, zinc, and coal, these are very important products for the economic activity of the […]