It was mid-July, radioactivity is high on its peak, blood boiling in the Spectrum society’s veins. There wasn’t much left of the Spectrum, all the high frequency colours now demolished and the low-fi ones barely filled with citizens. Anyone who’s even alive to this point is hiding from the Drones and not making a decibel of sound. No one knew when they settled, but Radium Drones have been roaming the Spectrum for decades, finding any detection of life and beaming it down. Resilience was outside at the Crater waiting for her prey with knife in hand. The knife was originally silver but after committing multiple massacres, it had a maroon tint to it. It belonged to Viridian Chromatic, the killer of her parents and her first feast. She sharpened the blade silently as she stared at the Crater from behind a cactus. After several minutes of waiting, a couple of lost tourists came by looking around as if they were stuck in a labyrinth. To Resilience these were souls trapped in meat suits. She was the angel they needed, their one way trip to freedom. She licked her lips and slid the knife in her back pocket.

“Is there no god to save us?” one of the tourists yelled.
“Shut up Cardinal we’re at the Crater, the only holy spot there is in this god forsaken nation.” one of them replied.
Resilience slowly began walking towards the Crater, the dust of the dead covering her sound and shadow. One of the tourists notices Resilience and runs towards her.
“Please help us we are in need of salvation!” The tourist hollered.
She walked up to her, “Salvation?” Resilience questioned.
“Yes, could you take us home?” she begged.
Resilience put her hand on the knife’s handle gripping it lightly.
“Yes, I will take you home.” Resilience smiled, and took out the knife and sliced the tourist’s neck splattering blood on her scarf. The other tourists screamed and began to flee. Resilience gripped her knife and began sprinting towards the now scattered crowd. She stabs a man in the back his blood staining his Hawaiian shirt like fine wine, another in the stomach letting his organs spill out to the surface. But Resilience never stabbed the heart, the heart is where the soul laid. Resilience stopped running but the remaining two tourists fled for their lives. They’d die from the suns laser sooner or later. She pulled out her potato sack from her bag and started walking around the bodies, cutting off the best parts off. She liked the thighs the most, the meat was tightly packed and the blood gushed out when she cooked it. After taking the body parts she needed, she gathered the torsos of the deceased and took out a jar of rust coloured paint. She opened it and dipped a finger in and she slowly wrote on one of the torsos,
“W-E-L-C-O-M-E, H-O-M-E.”

Resilience walked back to her almost ghost town of Spectrum Zone #9. It used to be a small village filled with hues of Earthy moss and umber but now all it could do was rust and decay. She wasn’t alone in this town, Octavius, a former mechanic, also lived in these parts. Resilience had known Octavius since she was a little girl, he’d tell her about the pigments at Spectrum Zone #2 and how vivid they were compared to here. He was fueled by heroin but quit once the Spectrum fell, he also quit speaking. He hasn’t said a word since then. Resilience arrived at Spectrum Zone #9, she walked along the dust covered roads and arrived at her home. She settled the sack of arms and legs on the table and hung her scarf on a peg and went back outside to visit Octavius. He was working on a car, the DeLorean DMC-12.
“Hey Octavius, another skin burning day isn’t it?” Resilience smiled.
Octavius rolled out from under the car and gave a light smile.
“I just got back from a hunt, I’ll probably go back out soon for more but I’ll deliver your dinner around 19.” she told him.
He nodded his head and went back to working on the DeLorean. Resilience said goodbye and walked back to her place, she grabbed the sack and took out the body parts and began to hang them on hooks. She knew she had enough to last her two weeks but she felt she needed more. Something in her brain told her not to, but she payed no attention to her thoughts and decided to go. She wrapped her scarf around her neck and stormed out the door once again. Resilience hiked back to the Crater, the skies bright blue with a hint of turquoise. She hid behind the lonely cactus and waited. The sun began to set, blue now seeping with periwinkle and salmon. Finally, Resilience felt the rocks on the ground shake and heard the disturbed winds that blew. She gripped her knife tight and waited a couple more seconds before she’d slaughter the person down. But before she could even come out from behind, something blasts the top of the cactus off. Drones. She put the knife back in her pocket and starts sprinting as fast as she could back to Spectrum Zone #9. Her adrenaline was on fire as the Drones chased her and beamed their lasers at her. She had little chance of getting away from these destroyers of creation. Resilience uses her final sprite of energy and speeds into Spectrum Zone #9 and busts into her house. She leans on the door and stops breathing. These Drones could sense existence. The faint bleeps of the Drones were crescendoing gradually, Resilience’s mind had already accepted death. She could never feel the scorching sun, or see the remaining rich colors of the Spectrum, the most of all she couldn’t talk to Octavius. The only person she hasn’t butchered, the only one that keeps her from going insane, the one person that showed her color and how beautiful they were.

A gunshot fired, she flinched at the pop. Another and another bullet fired. Resilience peeked her head out the door and checked her surroundings, on her left she saw a puff of smoke coming from Octavius’ shack. Resilience felt a pain in her heart, as if it cracked in half. She didn’t care about the Drones finding her, she was so tired of hiding. She ran out of her house and went towards Octavius’ shack. She got there to see two Drones on the ground, with multiple holes in them from the bullets. Octavius was on his knees with a gun on the ground beside him. His heart rate was fast from that high energy.
“Octavius.” Resilience said stepping towards him.
Octavius puts his hand in his shirt and takes out a necklace he wore on his neck. It was a labradorite wrapped in copper, he untied the knot and threw it at Resilience.
“Resilience, I think it’s time I go home.” Octavius said huskily.
Resilience widened her eyes, Octavius just spoke after 21 years of silence, “What do you mean, Octavius?” she asked.
Octavius grabbed the gun from the ground and put it against his head, he looked into Resilience’s eyes one last time and smiled, “Thank you.”
He fell to the ground, the rich crimson spreading through the sand. Resilience walked over to the necklace and put it in her pocket then walked over to Octavius’ lifeless body.
“He needed saving.” Resilience thought.
She grabbed his cold arm and dragged him to her house. She placed him on the table, a teardrop landing right onto his chest. She couldn’t get herself to think he deserved it, he was her only hope, the only hope for the Spectrum and now he is one with the sky. She picked up her butcher knife, she needed closure. She chopped off his limbs, Resilience took the knife and began cutting around the chest where the heart laid as well. She slowly removed it, looking closely at it’s pink structure. This was the chamber of the human soul. Resilience started up the stove and cut the legs and arms to eatable pieces. She put salt and a couple of rare herbs in the boiling water and dumped the meat in the pot. Resilience walked over to the heart picking it up in her hand, she went over to her grill and started it up and placed the heart. The pot on the stove was bubbling, she opened it up to see the meat boiled rare. She drained the water and starts to cook the sauce. As the sauce is bubbling, Resilience turns the heart over, grilling the other side. Resilience remembered how Octavius loved her food, he’d eat her meals in 5 minutes flat. He didn’t say anything, but she could still feel the love from his eyes and what he did for her. She shut off the stove and grill and poured the sauce over the meat and heart, sprinkling salt and pepper for final touches.

Resilience placed the dish on the table and slowly sat down. She looked at the necklace Octavius gave her, trying to remember what a labradorite’s meaning was. Then it hit her, labradorite crystals rob negative energy away and returns happiness to the beholder. Resilience felt that Octavius wanted her to not feel sorrow, and to keep living on without him. began eating, she looked at Octavius’ heart. Her mother told her that you could only eat the heart if you want them to be with you forever. She cuts off a piece of the heart and swallows it, she could feel Octavius’ soul in her being welcomed by her mother and father. From that day on, Octavius’ torso hung from her door with a bouquet of flowers where the hole of the heart was, blossoming a powerful lavender

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