The Friday Everything Changed Essay

The short story, The Friday Everything Changed, is written around the idea of the gender normality, and how traditions change as time goes on. It starts off with the narrator (who is a student), talking about how on every Friday, their teacher Ms.Ralston, would choose two boys to go get water from the well at […]

Cromwell: Hero or Villain?

Q: Do you think Cromwell was a hero or a villain? A: In general, Cromwell is a villain. Cromwell and the rest of the Puritans hated Charles’ way of ruling but when Cromwell became Lord Protector he did exactly what Charles did (dismissed parliament multiple times, used censorship for the rights of speech, etc.), except […]

Film Cromwell

By watching part of the film Cromwell, it partially helped me understand the start of the Civil War because it is visual so you can see things that words can’t describe (sounds too dramatic?). But like every movie based on actual events, they twist the story slightly, for example in this movie they made Cromwell […]